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What you get when you buy Fine Art Photography

It feels to me that almost any photographer's dream is to be represented by a gallery and that our work can be sold to clients that find our style appealing and beautiful so that they can hang it on that special wall of theirs. Wether we shoot weddings, comercial work or fashion, we all have an artist inside that wants to show and be recognized as one (with age we realize the only recognition we need is ours).

When you, as a photographer, have decided to enter this path of fine art, the most important thing to understand is that you cannot lie to yourself. With that you understand you cannot lie about your work or pretend to do some one else's work, because at the end, your work is yourself.

As a passionate about art, when you buy one of these pieces, you are not only getting a print. Besides all the characteristics of the print itself, paper, size, guarantees, texture, colors, composition and certificates, you are also getting a piece of someone else's life. All that the artist has felt, all he has lived, all the books he or she has read, the movies, the inspiration from others, family, music, fears, and basically all in life that has made the artist do art the way only he or she makes it.

It is incredible how art also evolves with the artist, it evolves in how we feel at the moment we are creating. One artist can migrate from style to style, and this is also a way of discovering one's self.

I have been experimenting with long exposures before, maybe 5 years ago. I had no kids back then, My life was organized (a smile came to my face), and that is what my work was showing. Minimalistic representations of nature.

Now I am very happy to see that my work is a bit more confusing, more difficult to digest and interpret. It is also interesting to discover that I am doing impressionism and abstract, since I had a certain aberration to it. I guess it is just life trying to get me closer to those things I did not understand.

At the very end, this means, just play. We come to life to play, to make fool of ourselves, connect and inspire others. Try to understand art through your perspective but also through the artist's point of view. Cause at the end all comes down to that, to view through your eyes and experience, but also to be empathic, because we are all the same, and we are one.



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