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Intentional Camera Movement (ICM Photography)

ICM Photography gave me the freedom I was looking when shooting landscapes with my camera. As I have said in previous posts, I was doing long exposure photography as a technique for my fine art. Randomly and what happened to be an accident back 3 years ago, has become my main creative technique in photography.

Fisher Child © Hernandez Binz 2017

ICM is moving the camera intentionally while you are taking the photo. This creates an ethereal look in the image, blurriness, and can give you abstract and impressionist looks to your photographs.

It is actually very controversial, since a lot of people hate it, but a lot of people love it too.

One More Round for the Sun © Hernandez Binz 2017

To me, more than capturing reality, ICM helps you capture a feeling or an emotion. More than describing what you saw, it is describing what you felt, plus it gives the observer the power of interpreting without mistake what they perceive from the image.

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