Like most things in my life, photography was also a coincidence. Although my interest in art was always present, I never thought I would become an artist, but this, was always my desire. Today, I do not see my surroundings without evaluating the quality or quantity of light; I am in constant observation.


I have gone through different facets and photographic styles, each granting its valuable lesson and learning. Today, in addition to the many visual stimuli we experience, I am directly influenced by pictorialism and the soft and warm tones of romanticism.


I live my art without haste, letting a coincidence catch me again in another unforeseen. Let it be the spontaneity of a moment or the eternal beauty of nature that captivates my eye and freezes in time.


Valle de Bravo

Santa María #126 Colonia Centro 51200


Ephemeral Walks (2) Exhibition

Ephemeral Walks had its second show in Galeria Dieciocho where it hosted 15 pieces from the collection.

This time the "Vernissage" took place on the 3rd of August 2018.

Galeria Dieciocho

Ephemeral Walks Exhibition

Ephemeral Walks first presentation in Galerie Art Hummus. 

This show hosted 9 pieces from the collection Ephemeral Walks and took place in Playa del Carmen, having its "vernisagge" the 30th of May 2018

Galerie Art Hummus

2017 Nominee FAPA Awards

​Fine Art Photography Awards 2017 Nominee with the photograph "The Walk" (London UK).

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2016 Nominee FAPA Awards

Fine Art Photography Awards 2016 Nominee with the photograph "The Quitting of the Palm Tree" (London UK).

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SacLak Photography Exhibition

Cancun's Sheraton Four Points Hotel hosted from the 6th of May 2016 to the 8th of July 2016, the exhibition of the Project SacLak by the artist Hernandez Binz. This project is still available online in the gallery section and you can contribute with 40% of your purchase to the Mayan Community of Sac Lak.

24 Images with a serial of 30 prints each, signed and numbered

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1st Place in Art Contest, I Dreamed a World

1st place in this contest that took place in Solidaridad, Quintana Roo, Mexico in 2015, with the photograph titled I Dreamed a World. It is a long exposure of the seascape of Tulum, taken with 6 minutes of exposure, showing the connection between land, water and cosmos. It was the first contest we have in the region sponsoured by the Goverment. 

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Visual Arts Show in Cancun, Mexico

Photography Colective Exhibition in Casa de la Cultura Cancún, México of local Artists in 2015. Hernandez Binz participated with the Photograph Perspective taken at Cancun, Mexico and printed in Photographic Paper witha size of 60 x 40 cms. 

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Around the World in 80 Bicycles

Photograph published in the Colombian Book "la Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Bicicletas" (Around the World in 80 Bycicles).

It was shot in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC, Canada in the year 2012.

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Urban Gallery "Arte en Playa" in Playa del Carmen

Urban Gallery situated in 16th Street, between 5th and 10th in Playa del Carmen, Mexico with local project "Arte en Playa", along with more than 20 local artists.

Project runs everyday between 5pm and 11pm.

All prints are for sale

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Visions, Lights and Shadows

Visions, Lights and Shadows shows images with high contrasts with emphasis in shadows and highlights of the scenarios with unpredictable results. The images don't represent reality, but an accumulation of several realities in different time.

20th of February 2015, The Public Place, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

11th of March 2015, Quinta Margarita Hotel, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Second week of March 2015, Malakita design, 2613 NW 2 Ave, Unit 13, Miami 33127, Florida USA.

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Day of the Death Photography Contest at XCARET

"El Siguiente Paso" (the next step) won Second Place, award given by Grupo la Quinta y Xcaret in the 7th contest of photography Life and Death.

El Siguiente Paso shows the seven layers or steps natives from Mexico needed to go through in order to get to heaven. The person leaving the material world can be seen with mud in one of the legs, meaning he's still going through his journey.

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Beyond 5th Avenue

Photography Exhibition from the Riviera Maya (Playa del Carmen, Puerto Morelos, Cancún, Xpu Ha, Punta Venado)

5ht Avenue in Playa del Carmen is the street with the most concentration of tourism in the Riviera Maya. This exposition is a tribute to everything else that is not in this street but beyond the 5th avenue.

October 12, 2013, Hacienda los Agaves. Boulevard Pocitos 701, Jesús María, Aguascalientes.


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