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Why Black and White

Many people have asked me why all my photographs are in black and white and to be honest sometimes I don’t know what to say since all my answers could be relative and driven by a personal point of view. Anyway, I thought of it for a while and decided to write it down. Now I share what I wrote, hoping you could understand my interest in black and white.

Black and white pushes me in a creative manner. It makes me see and think of a world in a monochromatic version. Life is in colour, so shooting in black and white forces me to see things differently. It allows me to focus on my subject without any distraction. Since colour is no longer in the frame, flawless composition becomes a must.

The golden hour has no more meaning to my photography unless it gives me incredible contrast. But with black and white you start seeing light in a different way as well. I started seeing quality of light and its direction to improve my images. All in all, I focus more in light and its relation to my subject than in colour and hue, which is important since photography is a medium which we use to express ourselves mainly by understanding and using light.

Shooting in black and white reveals something else that is naked to the eye. It shows the soul and essence of a place and reveals a much richer feeling. It moves away from reality creating its very own one.

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